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Dalian Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is the vanguard of the national hydraulic industry, is China's liquid gas industry Association vice chairman of the unit, the hydraulic branch of the unit, the state production of hydraulic machinery products well-known backbone enterprises. In the domestic hydraulic industry in the largest, highest yield, the largest variety of products, the most perfect means of testing. Mainly engaged in speed control, limited torque hydraulic coupling, hydraulic coupling drive, scraper special coupling, torque converter and magnetic coupling design and manufacturing.
Enterprises in 2012 to move to the city of Dalian City, Liaoning Province Industrial Park, covers an area of ??70,000 square meters, construction area of ??40,000 square meters. The existing staff of 515 people, college or higher number of 144 people, including engineering and technical personnel 55 people, sales staff of 32 people. Industrial and commercial registered capital of 39.2 million yuan, net assets of 200 million yuan of joint-stock enterprises. For the production and R & D needs, by the relocation of the machine to increase investment in technological transformation, has added more CNC gantry boring and milling machine, CNC vertical lathe, CNC horizontal lathe, CNC boring machine, machining center and other processing equipment, and has the first domestic installed Capacity 800KW test bench 2. At present, the annual production capacity of the product speed control coupling and transmission up to 1,200 sets of limited torque coupling up to 5,000 Taiwan, the output value of up to 300 million yuan, the overall efficiency index of the domestic industry with the first,
Dalian Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is the provincial and municipal advanced enterprises, civilized units, won the "Liaoning May 1 certificate." Enterprise reputation is good, product brand widely recognized, "big liquid" brand products trademark, was recommended in Liaoning Province as "the top ten well-known trademarks", was in Liaoning Province as "customer satisfaction enterprises." The company established a sound research and development and quality assurance system, and become the first domestic hydraulic industry through the ISO9001 quality assurance system certification business. But also the first through (including occupational health and safety system, environmental system) three system certification of enterprises. Enterprises for more than 20 years by the provincial and municipal Trade and Industry Bureau as "the contract, the word" units, in 2002 by the National Bureau of Statistics, "Liaoning Province outstanding reputation enterprises", for more than ten years was named "AAA" Level credit enterprises, the company leading products for many years by the Liaoning Province and Dalian famous brand name, since 2008 many times through the Dalian high-tech enterprise certification, Dalian City is a high-tech enterprises.
In 1978, the Ministry of Machinery, from Germany and the United Kingdom to introduce hydraulic coupling proprietary manufacturing technology, fixed point of my company manufacturing. At the time of the introduction of the six specifications on the basis of the product, has now produced two categories, 25 series, 40 varieties, 356 specifications of the hydraulic coupling products, and nearly 100 technology by the national patent, There are more than 10 kinds of new products into the market. At present, the product has been running online maximum power of 8000KW, the maximum speed of 12000r / min. Design and manufacturing capacity of 12000KW power, speed up to 18000r / min. For the country's largest, most varieties of specifications of the hydraulic machinery manufacturers.
Dalian Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. products represent the advanced level of China's hydraulic machinery products, the leading product speed control type hydraulic coupling, with a solid and compact design, accurate drive load adaptability, and the highest quality and reliability, Can ease the start of the motor, so that large inertia parts acceleration process more smooth. Tested, in a variety of environmental conditions with good adaptability, easy maintenance and low cost, long service life. Mainly used in the energy market, including boiler feed pump, all kinds of fans, circulating pumps, condensate pumps, coal mill and other equipment and oil and gas market crude oil loading pump, pipeline pump, syringe pump, compressor, centrifugal device The As the energy-saving effect is significant, by the country as the third batch, the twelfth batch, the fifteenth batch, the seventeenth batch, the eighteenth batch of energy-saving products, social benefits significantly. Limited torque type hydraulic coupling, mainly used for belt conveyors, crushers, excavators, hoists; scraper special couplers dedicated to the scraper; hydraulic torque converter, mainly for forklifts, loaders, Bulldozers and other lifting transport engineering machinery.
The company's products are sold to all parts of the country and exported to Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Australia, Brazil and other countries and regions, the market share of the industry first. The
The company's products won several awards, such as GWT58 speed-type hydraulic coupling in 1986 by the National Quality Silver Award and the Ministry of Mechanical Quality Award, YOTGC650 speed-type hydraulic coupling in 1990 by the Ministry of Machinery Technology Progress third prize, YOTGC series of speed-type hydraulic coupling in 1990 was named the state-level new products, YOTGC280-1320 series of speed-type hydraulic coupling and YOC360-750 series of hydraulic coupling transmission device KOTGC875 / 1500 speed control type hydraulic coupling in 1994 by the Ministry of Science and Technology Progress Award, YOTHC560A, YOTFC682 / 3000, YOTFC1050 speed type hydraulic coupling And YOCHJ1000 / 1500/700 hydraulic coupling transmission device by the State Economic and Trade Commission identified as the 1999 state-level new products, YOTGCD1000 speed-type hydraulic coupling and YJ280 hydraulic torque converter by the State Economic and Trade Commission identified as Year 2000 national new products. YOTGCD875 speed type hydraulic coupling in 2002 by the China Machinery Industry Federation and the China Mechanical Engineering Society of scientific and technological progress third prize. The company's products have reached the national reliability index standards, limited torque type hydraulic coupling, speed-type hydraulic coupling through the coal safety (MA) logo certification.
    In recent years, in order to break the monopoly of high-end hydraulic products to the domestic market and to contribute to the development of national major technology and equipment and the national economy, the company has increased the high-power high-speed hydraulic coupling transmission, Couplers and other new product research and development efforts. At present, for the Datang Yan'an power plant, Datang Shenfu thermoelectric 350MW generating unit boiler feed pump matching hydraulic coupling drive has been successfully tested, will be put into operation, for 2 to 5 years in 200MW, 300MW, 350MW, 600MW power station Boiler feed pump matching coupling to 50% market share; transmission power 1400KW magnetic coupling is also coming soon.
    During the second five years, in the national economic situation continues to be optimistic, and vigorously promote the construction of a conservation-oriented society and promote the development of energy-saving products in the background, with energy-saving products, hydraulic industry ushered in new opportunities for development and unprecedented development space , The company is large-scale products, intelligent, green environmental protection direction.
Our company's core values: dedication to society, to achieve win-win situation, the creation of industry flagship, build world-class Chinese hydraulic, for the development and revitalization of national hydraulic industry to make new contributions.

Add: N0.5 YingHui Road,Ganjingzi District,Dalian
Tel: 0086-411-85993218
Fax: 0086-411-86641096
Post code: 116033
http: //www.cpmolding.com.cn
E-mail:dayeli@mei.net.cn   dalianyeliji@163.com
Company off-day: Saturday & Sunday

Design department
Tel: 0086-411-85993051 85993515 85993502 85993510 85993511

Sales departments
Tel: 0086-411-85993300 85993301 85993302
Fax: 0086-411-86642765

Beijing Office
TeI(Fax): 0086-10-84613484

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